Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of McMinnville Oregon (UUFM)

Rabbi Debra Kolodny —Jewish Perspectives and Practices for Personal Ethical Development

August 5, 2019

Being the most kind, honorable, compassionate and ethical person we can be within our families, communities, business interactions, work and more is paramount to the observant Jew. Today we will explore the ancient and modern practice of Musar/ethical development, diving into inspiring teachings from Rabbi Kalman Kalonymous Shapira of the Warsaw Ghetto. We will also learn a timeless, universal and effective practice to support our own personal development and leave renewed, refreshed and reinvigorated.

Speaker Bio

Rabbi Debra Kolodny has been bringing her spiritual activist passion to worker rights, racial and economic justice, women’s, environmental, peace and LGBTQ causes since 1980. She has taught and spoken in hundreds of venues, organized retreats for as many as 750 and produced ground-breaking conferences. She is the founding rabbi of Portland’s UnShul, a Jewish community that shows up for racial, economic and immigrant justice, a leader in PUAH, Portland United Against Hate and the convener of the Portland Spirit Led Justice Alliance. She is multiply published and has interviewed on radio and television.

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